Challenge: Let's Talk!

Talking with your pre-reader helps support pre-reading skills by exposing them to the sounds of language, introducing vocabulary, and sharing knowledge. Complete 3 of the following activities with your pre-reader for 30 points and a badge!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 30 points and a badge.

Blue text bubbles with the words Let's talk! inside.

Point out five things and name them for your pre-reader.

Tell a story! It can be very short…something about your life, or a story about what you are doing that moment.

Listen to a story from your child. Even babbling from babies is them practicing and using the sounds they’ve heard, and having you listen gives that value.

Find a sign or logo and talk about what it represents…you’re developing print awareness!

Knowing shapes helps develop letter knowledge, so point them out, name them and talk about them as you notice them in your environment. “This piece of cheese is in the shape of a triangle. It has three straight sides. It makes me think of the letter A. If we put two of them together it looks like mountains. That makes me think of the letter M.”