Challenge: Let's Read!

Reading with your pre-reader as a shared, positive activity helps develop a love of reading that will help them through those difficult patches when they are learning to read. Complete 3 of the following activities with your pre-reader for 30 points and a badge!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 30 points and a badge.

A green heart rising out of a green book with the words Let's Read Together! beneath.

Point out each word as you read it while sharing a book together.

Talk about each word being made up of individual letters as you look at words in a book together.

Children’s books often have words in them that we don’t use in everyday conversation…notice and talk about any unique vocabulary as you read a book with your pre-reader.

Read a story with a beginning, middle and end…being familiar with this structure will help them later as they become readers, writers and storytellers themselves.

Read a book with facts in it…develop and satisfy your pre-reader’s curiosity.