Challenge: Teen Bingo!

Earn 50 points by completing 5 tasks on this list!

When you complete 5 tasks, you will earn 50 points and a badge.

Five brightly colored bingo cards fanned out with colored balls in front that spell BINGO.

Watch a season of an anime show from the library!

Read a Horror Novel

Ask a Librarian to suggest a new book!

Check out a music CD from the library

Read a Fantasy Novel

Start a Book Group with friends

Listen to the ShelfLogic Podcast here

Attend a Teen Program at the Queen Creek Library!

Use NoveList for a book suggestion

Read the first volume of a Manga series

Discuss your favorite book with a friend!

Read a Graphic Novel

Re-read your favorite book

Participate in the Teen Bulletin Board a the Queen Creek Library

Read a general fiction novel

Use Hoopla to find a new book

Watch a Disney movie from the library

Read an "ocean-themed" book

Use Libby to checkout an eBook

Check out a Culture Pass and visit a new museum!

Take 10 mins out of your day to relax

Read a Non-Fiction book

Read a Sci-Fi book