Challenge: 10 Things to Do Before (or After) 10

Trying to have fun and keep cool? Check out these activities! If you don't live in Fountain Hills, you may still be able to do some of these activities in your neighborhood!

When you complete 5 tasks, you will earn 50 points and a badge.


Go on an art walk! Look at statues, murals and paintings, and architecture. What images do you see? How did the artist represent the subject? Does the type or style of the art present any particular message or theme?

Town of Fountain Hills Public Art

Read a book about cats, then visit Fearless Kitty or another rescue/shelter/pet store. Do you see any feline behaviors mentioned in your book?

Use the musical instruments at Fountain Park to play a song! Rotary Community Musical Park

Have a water day -visit the splash pad!

Hike or ride your bike down the Lake Overlook Trail in Fountain Hills!

Be sure to bring plenty of water and check out any safety requirements. Stay safe this summer!

Lake Overlook Trail Map

Read a book about dogs, then visit a local dog park (we love the off-leash area at Desert View). Do you see any of the canine behaviors described in your book?

Visit the skate park! Desert Vista Park, Fountain Hills

Plant a garden! Check to see if your favorite plants are available at your library's seed library.

Explore the River of Time Museum

Museum website

Visit the Fountain Hills Botanical Garden

More Info

Hike one of the Fountain Hills FIT trails (or another urban trail). Be sure to bring plenty of water and check out the safety suggestions. Stay safe this summer! FIT Trail Map

Ride your bike down the Western Bike Loop Trail at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

Be sure to bring plenty of water and check out the safety requirements. Stay safe this summer! Western Bike Loop Trail Map

Do some stargazing! What constellations do you see?

What constellations should I be looking for?