Desafío: Animal Facts

Use MCLD kid's resources and databases to help you complete these challenges! Complete 2 of these tasks for 20 points and a badge!

Al completar 2 tareas, recibira 20 puntos y una medalla.

Multi color animals in the formation of a heart. Says "animal facts"

Use Gale Elementary to find one fact about your favorite mammal and tell someone about it! Find it here: Resources> A-Z list> Gale Elementary

Use Gale Elementary to figure out what animal calls the Tower of London home. Hint: You might have to scroll through your search results to find it. Find it here: Resources> A-Z List> Gale Elementary

Use Biography in Context to find out what type of animal Dr. Eugenie Clark studied. What was her nickname? Find it here: Resources> A-Z List> Biographies in Context

Use Britannica Library Encyclopedia to read about the flightless bird of your choice! Hint: Click on the grey children search button to get you to your starting point. Find it here: Research> A-Z list> Britannica Library Encyclopedia

Use Science in Context to figure out what the study of Paleontology is and click "read more" to learn more! Find it here: Resources> A-Z List> Science in Context

Use Tumblebooks to find a non-fiction book on an animal of your choice and read it! Find it here: Resources> A-Z List> Tumblebooks