Challenge: Let's Play!

Playing helps children think symbolically, gather information and language, and develop background knowledge, all of which will help them with reading later on. Complete 3 of the following activities with your pre-reader for 30 points and a badge!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 30 points and a badge.

Children playing in a treehouse with the words Let's Play.

Blow bubbles for your pre-reader. As they follow the bubbles with their eyes they are strengthening their eye muscles and learning to track visually, and if they reach out for one and it pops they are learning cause and effect.

Talk as you build and play with blocks, introducing new words and ideas through play.

While playing with toys, or cleaning them up, sort them in to categories using different criteria. First, put toys together based on their color, then group them by size, next maybe sort them into piles of toys with wheels and toys without wheels, etc.

Use an everyday object in a new way. Maybe a spoon becomes a microphone, or a block becomes a telephone, or a flower becomes a paint brush…use your imagination and your pre-reader will use theirs.

Dramatic play builds background knowledge, encourages storytelling, and develops language. Find an opportunity to role play during your day. Maybe the lunch table becomes a diner, or the patio becomes a flower shop, or open up a store in your living room.