Challenge: Journey Through Wonderland

Go on an adventure like Alice by reading a retelling or reimagining of the classic story. There are a variety to choose from for all ages!

When you complete 1 task, you will earn 10 points and a badge.

pastel pink teacup covered background with a bright pink rectangle in the center. The center rectangle has a hat, the words "It's a mad tea party", and a Chesiree cat grin.
Read ADULT: The Matrix (Movie)
Read ADULT: Alice in Borderland (Manga) by Aso, Haro
Read TEEN: Alice by Heart by Sater, Steven
Read TEEN: Alice in Kyoto Forest (Manga) by Mochizuki, Mai
Read TEEN: Alice in Zombieland by Showalter, Gena
Read TEEN: A Blade so Black by McKinney, L.L.
Read TEEN: Cheshire Crossing (Graphic Novel) by Weir, Andy
Read TEEN: Disney Twisted-Wonderland (Manga) by Toboso, Yana
Read TEEN: Heartless by Meyer, Marissa
Read TEEN: Pandora Hearts (Manga) by Mochizuki, Jun
Read TEEN: Queen of Hearts by Oakes, Colleen
Read TEEN: Splintered by Howard, A.G.
Read TEEN: Unbirthday by Braswell, Liz
Read JUV: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X. by Beddor, Frank
Read JUV: The Lost Wonderland Diaries by Savage, J. Scott
Read JUV: Rabbit Chase (Graphic Novel) by LaPensee, Elizabeth
Read JUV: Zoe in Wonderland by Woods, Brenda