Challenge: Gamers Read & Watch Challenge

Gamers don't just like to game. Sometimes they like to read about gaming or watch shows about gaming. If this is your thing, this is DEFINITELY your challenge!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 30 points and a badge.


Watch the documentary "A Gamer's Life." (Available on Kanopy!)

Watch the documentary "Mind Games." (Available on Kanopy!)

Watch the documentary "Geek Girls". (Available on Kanopy!)

Watch the movie "Ready Player One."

Watch the movie "Ender's Game."

Read the book "Ready Player One" by Ernst Cline.

Read the book "Girl Code" by Andrea Gonzales.

Read the Book "Ender Wiggin. 01 : Ender's game" by Orson Scott Card.

Read the book "Arena" by Holly Jennings.