Challenge: Manga Master 1

Read Vol 1 (or more) of three of these series that have a popular anime!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 30 points and a badge.

Bowl of popcorn with a remote next to it
Read Attack on Titan by Isayama, Hajime
Read Blue Lock by Kaneshiro, Muneyuki
Read Cells at Work! by Shimizu, Akane
Read Chainsaw Man by Fujimoto, Tatsuki
Read Dr. Stone by Inagaki, Riichiro
Read Jujutsu Kaisen by Akutami, Gege
Read One Piece by Oda, Eiichiro
Read Snow White with the Red Hair by Akiduki, Sorata
Read Spy X Family by Endo, Tatsuya
Read Yona of the Dawn by Kusanagi, Mizuho