Challenge: Book Review!

Review a book for a chance to be one of the winners of a raffle of seed packets from the Mustang Seed Library! You must have a phone or email attached to your Summer Reading Program account to win!

When you complete 1 task, you will earn 10 points and a badge.

Blue box with a round photo of books above it. Inside the box it says "Book Review" in white, and then in a white rectangle it says "submit a book review"

Read a book and share with family and friends what you liked most about it.

Review your book and write what inspired you on your social media page.

Read two books and compare the writing style, message of the story, or favorite characters?

After reading your book, what is your favorite passage or quote? Post-it on a note and display it somewhere in your home or and share with others on Goodreads or other social media outlets.