Desafío: Kindness Elves: Kindness to Nature

The Kindness Elves are challenging you to show kindness in your community. Complete two of the activities listed below to earn your Kindness In Your Community badge. Collect all five Kindness Elves challenges and win a super badge. Come to the Kindness Elves' Party on Saturday July 22 at 1:30 pm. If you complete all five challenges you'll get a super prize at the party.

Al completar 2 tareas, recibira 10 puntos y una medalla.

The Kindness Elves in the forest looking at a hedgehog, with birds in a tree.

Hello! It would be lovely if you would plant a bush that butterflies enjoy. You can find out which plants they love at the U of A extension. Just make sure that your HOA is okay with your plant.

Hello! Why don't you clear up some litter from a public place today?

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Hello! Birds, bees and butterflies all need water in the Arizona summer. Would you make a simple birdbath? It can be as simple as a plant saucer. Put it in a shady part of your yard. Try these two websites for ideas: All Free Crafts - Bird Bath Perky Pet - What you need to know about bird baths.

Hello! Plant some sunflower seeds and watch them grow. How many insects do you think will visit your sunflower? Save some of the seeds and plant them next year.

Visit the Anthem Civic Center or Anthem Community Center to get a separate secret code and some poppy seeds to plant.

Hello! Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Use the attached file, or make up one of your own.

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Hello. Make a nature journal. Record the animals, insects and plants you see. Make your own with some scrap paper, or print the attached file to use as your cover. You could even make one for a friend.

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Read a book about desert animals. You can get a book from the library or try a digital book. You can also learn more at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.