Buckeye Public Library System Grab and Go Kit Week 1 Video: Exploration
When:  6/1/20 – 7/31/20
Labyrinths originated in Greek mythology. King Minos of Crete had Daedalus - a skilled architect, craftsman and artist, design a labyrinth where he could keep his Minotaur; (a creature who was half-man and half-bull). Daedalus engineered it to have only one entrance and exit with several intricate passages making it difficult for the Minotaur or anyone to find their way out; including Daedalus. In this week’s activity you get to design and build your own exciting labyrinth using objects from around your house (with permission from your parents). After you build it, you will be challenged to use a straw to move a ping-pong ball through it.
Where:  Buckeye Downtown Library
  310 N. 6th St., Buckeye AZ 85326