Challenge: Virtual Safari Challenge

Check out some of these virtual animal experiences to earn points toward your summer reading goal!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 15 points and a badge.

Summer reading badge award for completing the Virtual Safari challenge.

WildEarth has daily recorded safaris available for free viewing on their Youtube channel. Check out one for sunrise and one for sunset! You can visit their Youtube page here.

Check out the watering hole at Mpala Research Centre in the highlands of central Kenya! Watch elephants, hippos, giraffes, Grevy’s zebras, gazelles, crocodiles, leopards and many other species take a drink or go for a quick swim. You can view their live webcam here. You can also access a field guide to all the animals you might see on safari. You can access that field guide here.

Tembe Elephant Park (located in Emangusi, South Africa) is known for having the largest elephants in Africa and the planet! The park’s location is very remote, deep in sand forests and wetlands, but you can view their live webcam here.

There is a virtual safari camera hidden in a remote watering hole in South Africa, and it is completely solar powered! You can view the live feeds day and night at this watering hole, here.

Go on a virtual field trip through Africa, courtesy of PBS! Virtual Field Trip.

Use the Animal Observation Summary or Worksheet to describe what you are seeing in any of the webcams/videos.