Challenge: That Book Scent

We love that book scent! There’s nothing like paper books. But…sometimes it can help to have the option to read on your phone, tablet, eReader or computer. You might be traveling light, or you might need to be able to change the font to a much larger size. You might want a travel guidebook right on your device. If you have never tried an electronic book before, this challenge is for you!

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 20 points and a badge.

Blue background with an illustration of an open book. Sparkles and swirls rise from the book.

Get Libby

If you have an Apple iOS phone or tablet, visit the App Store to install Libby, by Overdrive or if you have an Android phone or tablet, visit Google Play to install Libby, by OverDrive. For a Kindle Fire, visit the Amazon app store to install Libby, by Overdrive. If you have a computer, visit or your library’s web site. For a Kindle Paperwhite, use one of the above methods to check out books through Libby, then send the book to your Paperwhite when it is connected to Wi-Fi.

Sign In

When Libby asks you for your library, select the name of your library system, and then enter your entire library card number and finally your PIN or password.

Search and check out a book

Select the magnifying glass, and then in the search box, type an author, title or subject. Select Borrow, then Borrow again to check it out. Or select Place Hold if the book is checked out.

Browse and check out a book

Select the library building picture icon, then select Newest, Popular, Random or Available Now. Select Books. Select the menu (three lines) to further limit your search. Select Borrow, then Borrow again to check it out. Or select Place Hold if the book is checked out.

Look at your shelf

Select the stack of books to see all the items you have checked out. Open one by selecting the cover. Or select Manage Loan to return it early or renew it.

Change the Font Size

With this feature, you can easily read on the smallest of screens! Open a book you have checked out and click or tap the middle of the page. Select the letter “A.” Use the Text Scale to change the font size to the size you like. For even larger sizes, turn on the switch that says, “Include accessibility sizes.”


Stop by your library or call for help. Or browse You can also watch a short tutorial video.