Challenge: Wildfire Season

It's the sad and scary time of year when wildfires happen around our beautiful state. Read one of these books for 10 points and a badge.

When you complete 1 task, you will earn 10 points and a badge.

Read Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts
Read Fire In the Heart by Mary Emerick
Read Fire In Paradise by Alastair Gee
Read Fire Season by Philip Connors
Read Firestorm at Peshtigo by Denise Gess
Read Megafire by Michael Kodas
Read My Lost Brothers (aka Granite Mountain) by Brendan McDonough
Read On the Burning Edge by Kyle Dickman
Read Smokejumper by Jason A. Ramos & Julian Smith
Read The Esperanza Fire by John N. MacLean
Read The Fire Line by Fernanda Santos
Read Young Men and Fire by Norman MacLean