Challenge: A soundtrack for your life

Your story is unique, and ever changing. Explore music and ideas that will help you grow and learn more about your life story.

When you complete 3 tasks, you will earn 30 points and a badge.


Download Freegal from the library website to your computer or phone, set up an account, and sample downloading a song.

Write down 5 - 10 "chapter" names for various times in your life. Examples might be: Leaves of fall, Beach Bum, etc.

Sample an e-book about writing your own story, like "How to write your own life story," by Lois Daniel on Hoopla. Take some basic notes.

Explore changing your perspective in any self-help book, such as, "What's Your Problem; to solve your toughest problems, change the problems you solve," by Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, on Hoopla.

Match your life "chapters" to music available from Freegal, and begin downloading songs that reflect the chapters of your life. For ideas, sample the playlists on Freegal.

Explore your town, and take photos that might represent some of the profound changes in your life.

Talk to a friend about your soundtrack music and photos. Find out what their chapters might be called.

Reframe parts of your life by exploring the concept of Wabi Sabi in the book of the same name by Beth Kempton, or another book.

Make a simple combination of a playlist of the songs representing your life chapters, with the photos you have taken, perhaps on a photo slide show.